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Ausdtin and WarburtonThe Parent and Child and are both extensions of Austin and Warburton in Ann Arbor, Michigan. From the personal experience of trying to find a quality piece of mothers' jewelry for the occasion of a birth, I found the available array of cheap, highly hollowed unimaginative designs not adequate to the occasion.

My wife and business partner Brenda J. Warburton, on returning to work after that birth, set out to create a meaningful, well made, heavy necklace capable of carrying multiple birthstones trying to mimic the action of cradling that tiny newborn. The Parent and Child design was created in 1994 and incorporates 2 distinct pieces, cast and finished independently, assembled and outfitted with a custom wire bail for hanging. The pendant is often made from different color metals and often different species of metal.

Austin and Warburton

Austin and Warburton is a custom manufacturer located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been since 1959. Over a decade ago we elected to reduce the showroom inventory to just those pieces we can manufacture ourselves in precious metals (we do carry an outside line of tungsten and titanium rings manufactured in Utah). It has been a satisfying decision to NOT carry jewelry made in the third world on the backs of the oppressed masses. Brenda has developed a strong following and has won Internationally, Nationally and Regionally more than any jeweler in the Midwest. If you wish to see the company behind the pendant, please feel free to check our main website