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Adding More Children

Adding a birthstone couldn't be easier. (Unless of course you try your local jeweler first! Don't let the monstrous prices they quote scare you.) The stone prices on our website include setting and installation, whether at the original purchase or a la carte later. Follow these steps.

1) Buy the stone you want from our online store. Be cautious about size and describe the location in the text box as you order. The handy placement guide is at the bottom of the page. As you pay for the stone(s) add your shipping selection. You will find a shipping choice for adding gemstones ($4.00 for handling and return postage) and we return ship with USPS first class mail. If you want to upgrade delivery times, select accordingly and pay.

2) Ship us your pendant with a copy of your receipt inside and mail to:

2335 West Stadium Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

3) Once we receive your pendant the addition is made within 48 hours and return shipped.

4) You can always call us 734-663-4350 and we will help with placement and size records. We can help with images emailed of the new stone in different placements.

5) If you know you want more than 12 or you desire a location we did not provide for, just send a sketch or mark it with marker and we will accommodate all we can.

6) Sending it back to us, you never pay more than if you had ordered it at the start!