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Birthstones 101

Genuine and Simulated Birthstones

A short explanation about your birthstone options.


While for years we offered only genuine birthstones, we have grown to realize that the expensive nature of natural material was secondary to the inconsistency of color. Natural materials from different sources often meant expected colors would not be available for periods of time and costs for the various months varied wildly. Synthetic materials does present a situation where colors vary little and supply is consistent, but the significant variation in price remained, and some months cost more. Simulants present a opportunity to control cost, all 12 months cost the same and receive bright consistent colors. To understand we should define the 3 gemstone types.

Genuine / Natural Gemstones

Genuine gem material is mined, cut and distributed. It was created in Nature and cost is a function of rarity and quality of color. Some months cost significantly more than others. Surprisingly, Alexandrite, the birthstone for June is by far the most expensive.

Synthetic / Created Gemstones

This gem material is identical to natural or genuine material except is is not made in Nature, it is created in a laboratory or factory. Synthetics possess every characteristic the genuine material does, the only difference is it was made by man and not Mother Nature. The colors are consistent but some months are significantly more than others, base on the sophistication and complexity of the crystal.

Simulate Gemstones

Simulated birthstones are not the identified gem material at all. Simulates are often one of a few easily grown crystals that are simple to color. They are inexpensive, bright and colors are consistent. Simulates allow an opportunity to create complex birthstone designs are very reasonable cost.

We are very happy to work in either genuine or simulated birthstones.