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What is a Push Present?

What is a Push Present?

The term "Push Present" may be relatively new (and to some way too descriptive), but the gift of a birth token goes back centuries. For some women the perfect "token" is a pair of diamond studs that can whisper I love you all day long. For another it is a birthstone pendant next to her heart all day long. For many it is elegant golden design of a mother holding her baby, boldly showing the world the bond she has with her baby. Whatever the choice, the token of birth is an important part of a mothers life.

Customized with 9 different combinations of gold metal colors and 9 locations to add birthstones to the Parent & Child has become a favorite of those seeking something more distinctive with higher quality than factory produced jewelry.

Please take a minute to look at both the traditional and the personalized products we have to offer a first time Dad, a grateful family or loving grandchild.